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The biggest rocks in Rome may be at the Forum but by far the best rock is at the Hard Rock Cafe Rome. On top of the tastiest burgers and coolest cocktails in town, you can savour an unbeatable music memorabilia collection that includes items such as the trench coat worn by John Lennon during anti-war protests in the Seventies, a leather suit worn by Bono during U2’s the Zoo TV Tour and an electric guitar designed by Eddie van Halen.

Like all great revolutions, the Hard Rock Cafe wasn’t meant to succeed. It was 1971 and as the Swinging Sixties had given way to the Super Seventies, fashions and tastes were changing. Two hungry young Americans were in London and couldn’t find a decent place to eat a decent burger… so they opened up a joint in the English capital. Their landlord didn’t think it would last and only gave them a six-month lease. Four decades later, there are almost 200 Hard Rock Cafes in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The first T-shirt hit the streets in ‘74 and the first piece of memorabilia came, fittingly, by chance in ‘79 when Eric Clapton asked to hang his Lead II Fender guitar over his favourite bar stool and thus marked it as his spot. Today, the rock ‘n’ roll collection has more than 74,000 pieces and is the largest of its kind. By 1982, the Hard Rock Cafe had gone global and the rest, as they say, is history (that’s still being written). Choose from one of the following menus:

**Depending upon party size starters to share may change as appropriate.

*Menu items subject to change and availability. Reservations only.

Starting points
Via Vittorio Veneto 62 a/b, 00187, Rome, Italy

End point
Same as Starting Point


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Diamond Menu

Gold Menu + classic Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt


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