Skydive New castle up to 15,000ft tandem skydive




About this tour

Skydive at Newcastle’s closest beach skydive for the ultimate adrenalin rush. You’ll drop from an extreme altitude of up to 15,000 feet and freefall at over 200 km/hr for up to an insane 60 seconds, then float under canopy over Newcastle for 5-7 minutes soaking up spectacular beach and city views.

Skydiving Newcastle is the skydiving experience of a lifetime – so step outside your comfort zone and push your boundaries with our friendly Newcastle skydiving crew. Then relive the thrill with our awesome video and photo packages!


Weight Restrictions and Charges, payable on arrival:

95kg – 104.9kg = $50

105kg and above = $75

115kg and above = $100 and requires on site assessment

Skydive Australia has to be notified if customer is under 18 years, over 95kgs or in case of any medical condition / issues.

Starting points

End point
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Skydive New castle up to 15,000ft tandem skydive – 08:00h


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