$Travel Token

Travel Token

The Travel Token TRAVEL is the reward token of the Travel Care platform. TRAVEL allows you to:

  • Gain: Gain tokens every time you make a purchase in any cryptocurrency on the Travel Care website. Using the TRAVEL wallet you spend any currency and receive rewards from 4% to 20% value of the transaction in TRAVEL.
  • Earn: Holding and staking tokens and liquidity pools allow TRAVEL holders to accumulate yields on the tokens they hold in their TRAVEL wallet.
  • Own: Unlike loyalty points in other platforms, you truly own your TRAVEL tokens, which are stored on an immutable blockchain ledger. Their value is maintained on the open market, and they never expire.
  • Belong: Holding TRAVEL means you belong to the Travel Care Travel Birds rewards program. As a member you’ll receive special upgrades, higher rewards percentages, and opportunities to win exclusive bonuses unavailable anywhere else.
  • Buy: You don’t have to wait to earn TRAVEL tokens by making purchases. You can buy TRAVEL on a decentralized or centralized exchanges to earn the rewards and join the Travel Birds program.

The TRAVEL economy

When you buy and use TRAVELl tokens, a 4% fee goes into marketing, growth and burning. In other words, you are contributing a small amount to the token economy that you’re a part of. This is what the crypto world brings to business: the ability for you to move from being a consumer to being a participant in a vibrant economy.

Transaction fees are used as follows:


2% burned:

Reduction in the number of tokens in the economy maintains a deflationary economy.


2% marketing

Bringing new members into the community builds up the network effects.

Like other cryptocurrencies, TRAVEL tokens are more than a simple loyalty point. The tokens represent your participation in a community that is constantly growing and improving, thanks to your participation.

Download the Trust Wallet application which is the wallet where you will store your $Travel tokens. You can do it at the following link:

Buying TRAVEL tokens

TRAVEL tokens are available on the Binance Smart Chain network and must be purchased with cryptocurrencies (It is advisable to purchase TRAVEL with BNB).

To Buy TRAVEL, simply follow these instructions:

in 3 days you get used to it

  1. Create a Trustwallet account. Make sure to write your security seed (15 words) on a paper and keep it in a safe place.
    WARNING: There is no password recovery function. You must have these security words. You are the owner of this wallet, and no other company has access, so it is 100% your responsibility to maintain the seed codes.
  2. Purchase BNB on any exchange in the amount you want to use to buy the TRAVEL. The most secure exchange for buying BNB is https://binance.com/
  3. Use the Smart Chain Network (BEP20) to send your BNB to the address of your TrustWallet.
  4. In your browser, go to: https://travelcare.io/swap
  5. Connect your Trustwallet account through WalletConnect.
  6. Choose the amount of BNB you want to exchange for TRAVEL
  7. In the settings set Slippage Tolerance to Auto.
  8. Click Confirm Swap.
  9. To view the tokens in your wallet, in the Trustwallet, go to the search icon on the top right and activate the Token Display. You will see the full amount of $TRAVEL tokens you own.


  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4
  • Q1 2022

    • Travel Care rebranding
    • TravelSwap – Powered by Pancakeswap
    • Whitepaper V3
    • Article in Gokhshtein Media
    • Digital marketing
    • Traditional marketing in Europe
    • Commercial agreements and partnerships announcements
    • Staking pool 1 & 2
    • CEX Exchange listing
    • Hacken audit
  • Q2 2022

    • Staking Pool 3 & 4
    • Travel 3.0 V1 launch
    • Travel Birds launch
    • Staff expansion
    • Digital marketing
    • Traditional marketing in Europe
    • Commercial agreements and partnerships announcements
    • First anniversary event
  • Q3 2022

    • Staking Pool 5 & 6
    • ERC20/BEP20 Tokens listings in our Travel Platform
    • Giveaways: The best experience of my life in Barcelona
    • Additional commercial partnerships and agreements
    • Digital marketing
    • Traditional marketing in Europe and Asia
    • CEX Exchange listing
  • Q4 2022

    • Staking Pool 7 & 8
    • Travel 3.0 V2 launch
    • Additional commercial partnerships and agreements
    • CEX Exchange listing
    • Burning event
    • Digital marketing
    • Traditional marketing in Europe and Asia
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